May 13
Name Cafe by P’ Hi-Speed Internet & Games Online
My Team Thitinun Saeneeyouth, Nattakorn Poomsombat
Client Cafe by P’
Status Currently Online.
Info IT Infrastructure and Computer network installation, Install and setup internet gateway for use multi-WAN with separate internet line for www and games online, Install and setup CCBoot Diskless system and MyCafeCup. (25 Clients and 2 Server, One for diskless system and one for internet gateway.)
Using CCBoot, CentOS base Linux server, Squid Proxy, MyCafeCup and more.
Create On April 2010
Mar 26

Name IBE Re-Design (GUI)
Client DTT
Status Currently Online. –
Info Re-Design Interface for the Internet Booking Engine, Diethelm Travel Thailand.
Using CSS, Javascript, HTML.
Create On February – March 2010 (on I working with DTT)
More Info View site IBE
Dec 05
Name Simple Webpage for EBT602 Group 2.
Client Me and my friends.
Status Currently Online. –
Info A simple webpage assignment for EBT602 Group 2.
Using Adobe Photoshop, HTML and CSS.
Create On 4 December 2009
More Info View site Version 1.0, Version 2.0

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