May 13
Name Cafe by P’ Hi-Speed Internet & Games Online
My Team Thitinun Saeneeyouth, Nattakorn Poomsombat
Client Cafe by P’
Status Currently Online.
Info IT Infrastructure and Computer network installation, Install and setup internet gateway for use multi-WAN with separate internet line for www and games online, Install and setup CCBoot Diskless system and MyCafeCup. (25 Clients and 2 Server, One for diskless system and one for internet gateway.)
Using CCBoot, CentOS base Linux server, Squid Proxy, MyCafeCup and more.
Create On April 2010
Dec 05
Name Mathayom Prachaniwet School Internet Service Authentication System.
Client Mathayom Prachaniwet School, Bangkok.
Status Currently Online. – On Mathayom Prachaniwet School LAN.
Info Install and develop gateway and internet service authentication system for all clients in Mathayom Prachaniwet School local area network.
Using CentOS base Linux Server, Apache, Squid Proxy, PHP5, HTML, Photoshop and more.
Create On August 2009